Additional Accommodations Available:
*Indoor turnout during inclement weather
*Worming, vaccine and farrier schedule
*On-site laundry service
*Grooming, clipping, mane pulling
*Body clipping
*Handwalking, lunging
*Individualized training packages
*Basic medical care including cold hosing, medication administration, wrapping
*Sunday turnout
*Sunday stall cleaning
Accommodations Include:
*13' by 9' and 14' by 13' fully matted stalls
*Direct water faucet for each stall
*Ceiling fans
*Suspended hay and grain feeders
*Two-three daily feedings of high quality grass mix hay
*Two balanced & nutritional feedings of low sugar/starch 12%  pelleted Tribute grain
*Supplemental feedings/medications (provided by customer)
*Daily turnout Monday through Saturday, weather permitting
*Daily stall cleaning Monday through Saturday
*Hot & cold washrack
*130' by 80' indoor arena with elevated viewing area
*40+ acres of outdoor riding
*Individual tack lockers 3'x3'x7'
*Temperature controlled kitchen, office, restroom